Relive and Restore

Before I start, I would like to apologize to whoever who is reading my blog. In my last post, I promised that I will be uploading a follow – up post but due to circumstances – laziness – I wasn’t able to upload a post about our school’s exhibit of this years graduating class, hence this apology letter.

And I guess that’s the other thing… I can’t show you pictures of it, which is sad, so I opted not to post about it at all, which leads now to this post. And since the year is ending and the the holidays are coming up, which means there’s NO SCHOOL!! I decided to really really upload this time. :)) so here it is! *cue countdown*






Hi everybody!! How are you feeling today?! Gosh, I’m so hyped up today because it’s our last day for this term! You guys don’t know how happy, pumped, relieve, sad and I could go on and on – basically I’m having a mixed-emotion-kind of feeling… But unfortunately our professors like to torture us with school works and plates that still needed to be submitted. Can you imagine doing a school project on a Christmas Day? Or even the New Year’s Eve? See how cruel our professors are?? :/

Oh, the horror!! O_O

Sometimes I wonder what was I thinking to chose an art related course, an interior design course for that matter? Why not business or economics or engineering or some kind in those fields? But even though I sometimes question my judgement, I knew deep down inside that I am going to be happy in my chosen career. Yes, it’s sometimes frustrating; yes, it’s always tiring; yes, it’s never easy and I could go on and on about why I shouldn’t have chosen this but isn’t it that its the most fulfilling when you know that you’ve truly worked hard for this or that? and you know that you’ve earned it.

I know I’m getting emotional so I’ll stop the ranting…

And since it’s the last day… Here are my plates for one of my subjects. It’s an interior design class that focuses on residential living.

We have three major plates for this class. For the first plate, we were asked to design a condominium for an imaginary client whose budget is sky’s the limit. Unfortunately for this one I can’t show to you guys since I can’t find it… Hehehe, sometimes I can really be a mess – a hot one 😉 lol!

As for the second, we were asked to design a vacation house for another imaginary client but this time they have a budget of one million and also like the first one… I can’t show the plates as well because they are still with my professor… Hmp! :/

So now you’re all wondering “if she lost her plate #1 and the plate #2 is still with the professor then what will show us”

Well… Don’t fret now my dears, before I passed my 3rd and last plate I took a picture of it. :)) and this time we were asked to restore an ancestral house. And let me tell you that, that was one of the hardest plate I ever did! Even though I have lived in the Philippines for all my life I realized that I still know nothing about my mother country. That history lectures aren’t enough you have to incorporate the social, cultural and artistic aspects to fully understand and appreciate your heritage. And thank you for that Mr. Castro! Thank you, so much.

I’ll show you guys the photos of my work :))
I did all the following perspectives, drawings and rendering. :))


Comedor or Dining room


Cuarto or bedroom



Last but not the least the Cuarto or Master’s bedroom


A traditional Filipino house is a “Bahay Kubo” or “Nipa Hut” it is a type of stilt house that is made up of indigenous materials, found in the Philippines, like bamboo, Nipa, wood, grass and the like. But since the Philippines have been a Spanish colony for 333 years it is safe to say that our culture was heavily influenced by the spaniards, thus resulting to change in culture.

The once considered as a traditional house by the locals, “Bahay Kubo,” was replaced by the “Bahay na Bato” which is from the spaniards.

Now, both are considered as an ancestral houses since the Spanish living had paved into the Filipino lives.

And I have decided to restore a Bahay na Bato. Lattices, carvings are prevalent in the design of Filipino – Spanish culture. We are also fond of knick – knacks and decorative items. So in general we, Filipinos are maximalist in designing although we could also be minimalist if needed.

~ m


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